From the "Kokopelli" Ovideo

The curtain from the "Kokopelli" Ovideo

It’s all about love

Inspired by Ovid’s The Amores.

“All lovers speak in quotes,” says Alisson Sharrock, a Reader in Classics at the University of Manchester. She continues, “All poets speak in quotes.” The images of the Ovideo series are quotes. It is comprised entirely of scenes downloaded from the net, specifically, love scenes. More specifically, porn. Once distinct, the images have lost their form and metamorphosed. They are now a “dance of light” to quote Stan Brackhage.

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There are two Ovideo series. The first series I “discovered” the form.  The second work of the first series (1.2) was also scored by someone who recommends a show at KGNU (Colorado public radio.) La Lucha Sigue. He scored the second series entire.

Watch Ovideo 1.1-1.3 here.

Watch Ovideo 2.1-2.3 here.


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