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Lunchbreak, away from the office

Story of My Life

I’m really attached to this film. I wanted to make Kieslowski’s Double Life of Veronique but in five minutes and with a finger puppet. I first imagined the movie in the declinated light of a classroom window. I was filming an after school arts workshop. Betsy Tobin was making finger puppets. The image of the puppet was instant. I asked her if she could make me a puppet, but make her sad. A simple twist of the sculpting tool was all it took.  Like the movie Double Life and its lead, the angles from which she’s shot reveal different things.

Instead of opening with a wide, we begin with a close up of the finger puppet, taking us into the character. Yet it is the world around her that’s really there. She feels out of place everywhere. At the end, the screens within a screen reveal cruder, store bought puppets, and finally, the naked hand of fate. She’s only watching TV. An imaganative romance ends, and the last shot is her, alone, glass of wine and TV flickers.

Story of my Life from Gwylym Cano on Vimeo.


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