1,000 Year Old Sex Goddess


1,000 Year old figurine from the Museo de las Americas collection

Isn’t she lovely?

I fell in love with her when she was behind glass. I was doing a video promo for the Museo in Denver. She was there, immobile, yearning to get out and dance. A few months later, I was able to work with the collection. I shot everything against blue screen (that is, blue construction paper, yo soy un puro rasquachi filmmaker) and then inserted footage I had collected years prior, the same footage, incidentally, that I used for my first art gallery piece, “El Alma.” This is forĀ  todas las glorious Chicanas de Aztlan, so sensual and lovely!! Lastly, props to the soundscape, designed by mi compadre. Nothing less than five hundred years of history. Creds at the end.

Watch the movie!!

1,000 Year Old Sex Goddess from Gwylym Cano on Vimeo.


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