Friday Nights at the Mercury Cafe

Ancient petroglyph of a poet

The first poetry book

but hardly the last! My first chapbook, published by my bud, John the Denvar Poet and the Denver Poets Guild. There was a magic time Friday Nights at the Merc when the disparate city poets gathered. Even old bearded guys came down from the mountains and whispered secrets into the mic. There was a tough guy attitude. It was “street” poets. Ed Ward was the host. I became a host for five years, as well as others. The scene changed. The smoke circles that gathered in the Jungle Room and in the alley out back have all dissipated.

We had a great book signing. Joe Bonner played! You can watch a selection from the reading, “Bunnies.”

A really special part of the book is Tony Scibella’s collages. His last. For me, there’s a special connection, Venice West energy,  two generations of poets, and the magic of times gone in the times yet to come. Trino (Trinidad Sanchez Jr.), my compadre, wrote my Intro and gave me my props.

Interested in purchasing a copy? The chapbooks have all sold! (Or – half were stolen cos they were in my car when my car was stolen!) Either way, all but a few are gone. That being said, I’m looking into online publishing – and like to think that 2010 will see the “second printing.” Let me know if you’re interested! -! g.


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