Swinging in America

NEA brings artists to rural Colorado

Thanks to a great project I was in Burlington working with the children of migrant workers. I’d love to say “farmworkers” like my hero, Cesar Chavez, but the migrant population often works the slaughterhouses and meat packing plants.  Watching boys pantomime their fathers slaughtering pigs and cows was straight of “The Jungle” for me. It was a treat and insight to bring Forum Theater (a.k.a. Theater of the Oppressed) to these kids. The project was sponsored by the NEA’s YOUTHREACH program and was designed to bring the arts to underserved and at risk populations.

The following piece was my favorite of the three I made with the kids during the residency. It is a simple metaphor that expresses a child suffering under racism, institutional or otherwise.


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  1. [...] I mentioned in another post how making art (theater and imrpov) allowed 3rd – 5th graders express the resentment and racism they felt by their own school. Art provided the platform for expression, and expression led to change! Read more. [...]

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