Artist in Residence

Sharing poetry with young (really young) readers


I can’t think of a better way to serve my country than invest in its youth.

For nearly twenty years, from Castle Rock’s IB program to the migrant camps of rural Colorado, I’ve shared Forum Theater (a.k.a. Theater of the Oppressed) Poetry and Video Art with schools and communities across the state.

A skype session with Mexico and Bolivia

I’ve even taught in Bolivia, and via computers, Mexico. I love it.

Art makes meaning. (That’s John Dewey.) Just like having recess, or playtime, when a child makes art (be it theater, a painting or a poem) they are exercising the fundamental human quality of making meaning. After graduating from Yale University I consider it a privelege to have “grown up”  in Resdiency programs, I’ve been able to share my Art and Passion while being afforded the time to pursue my own work.

A bullfight via pantomime. Who woulda thought there were toreadores in Burlington?



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