Socks, a Pair

The Wedding of Toby and Nancy, summertime, 2010

It was a beautiful day on the farm

the day of Toby and Nancy’s Wedding. Poetry all around us…

Socks, a Pair


Once there was a sock.


The single solitary sock lay limp on the lip of the laundry basket
vowing never another night like that again.


Our sock took to the stage
inhabiting a tradition since the Roman Age
when the hilarious Soccus performed.

The long nosed slipper
was our sock’s ancestor, the comedian
inspired laughs just by being seen.

Our sock stepped into many shoes
even Kama. The lesson learned from all the drama
- try and keep it on the stage.


For many years our sock
lived in the same place,
the laundry basket.
Socks of all kinds visited.

Singles and pairs went there,
gloves and mittens,
toe socks in solids,
stripes of wool and cotton.

They were comfy,
athletic, argyle, relaxed.
Tie-dyed rainbow hemp socks
arrived in packs.

The basket bustled,
conversations smoked natch,
they played chess and basketball
and made egg nog from scratch.


Though paired, this sock knew another sock that
liked our sock a lot but
darn if it weren’t sewn
catches to matches and flares to pairs
it took a while to get through all the dirty laundry.


The amazing and mysterious pairing of one sock with another
ritual or no, purchase or not,
be it at the factory, washing machine or out of the closet
gives cause for great celebration,
praise and admiration, a platform for elation to blossom
in this life rife with boots.

vii. And So the Song of Socks

Praise Goddess for pairs
in every form!

Two socks
keeps the feets warm.

Two socks
keeps the soles happy.

Praise the ambulatory

Heels don’t blister
with two socks.

Sweat won’t fester
with two socks.

Praise Goddess for pairs
in every form!

viii. Lastly, a Small Bit of Advice for Pairs.


- g(c.10)

((Sew at some point I thought of adding some eyes to a pair of socks and making the video… in time… in time… ))(!g.)


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