Laboring over Labor of Love


It was two years to the day we spent a Labor Day weekend camping with some friends. “Rancho Relaxo” is in the hills behind Ludlow. That’s when I first started shooting with a JVC GyHM100, my first HD camera. I’d made a puppet for the occassion, or actually, the puppet came out of “gifts” I made for friends o’ mine who helped me do a play, Flowers of Evil. I made finger puppets of the cast and crew. Notably, my friend Phil pointed out all of the puppets sucked except mine. Mine looked like me. Ooops.

Scruffy, hirsute, balding, out of work.

I shot that weekend without a plan. A year later, I’d shot enough footage to piece together a loose “story” and last year, along with it, I tried to incorporate the themes of the movie into an “epic” poem (I really mean “lyric”, but then I don’t. “Epic” because of the cinematic scope of the poem, and the idea that it takes place in Timeless Time. I can’t claim to be a “lyric” poet as I don’t write in accentual syllabic, I don’t “hear” pentameters in daily speech. However, I did write this one with a syllabic count.)

Last year I entered the film (which included the poem, I’ve since taken the poem out so the film is its own thing…) into the Zebra Poetry Film Festival. I was sure they would accept it and subsequently envisioned my being “discovered” my poetry being “loved” and me being catapulted into some other life, none of which happened. I did however get a job. Then I had no time to write. Another year passes. I re-edit the film. I colorized it cos I knew someone who knew someone who wanted to Magic Bullet it. I also changed the score from my ol’ friend Reverend Vinny’s song, which is still there, to the song by Anouar Brahem I’d always heard with the film, sad as it may be. I don’t think the music is sad. It is “true,” it is like “life,” it is not “pop.” There ya go.


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