Bigfoot, Kill, Kill!


THE LEGENDS OF BIGFOOT. So I thought this summer I’d write all five…. Instead, I’ve got three poems cookin’ about Bigfoot, others are in the marinating stage. The first, I shared with my private poetry list, riffs on the Echo and Narcissus myth. Bigfoot was handsome, a very handsome Puebloan Indian, but one day wishes it were not so. If that one is the “classical” riff, the next one I completed,  ”Bigfoot, Kill, Kill!” is the “indie movie” riff. Bigfoot meets a tweener in Colorado Springs and soon after starts eating tweakers. There’s another in the works that I’m excited to share… about Bigfoot living in LA, Venice Beach in the ’50s… and Tony Scibella’s in it…


- Ever since I fell into the smoke circles that were the scene, gathered round the back and front and inbetween the walls of the Mercury Cafe, the poets, the poetry, I’ve always felt that a poem of mine doesn’t quite come alive until I’ve tried it out on an audience… does it keep their attention?… when does it drag?… did that joke get a laugh?… feeling the audience, having a been a performer all my life (ballet, modern dance, stage, films…) allows me to do the final revisions with the audience in mind. Please join me as I read aloud and premiere the new piece “Bigfoot, Kill, Kill!”


Please join me October 25th, 7pm
part of Stories, Stories -
at the Mercury Cafe
2199 California Street


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