The Aloe and the Sunflower


The Aloe and the Sunflower

An example of 3(squared)

watch the video poem

This was one of the most fun things to shoot. A camera, a living room and an afternoon. Not but 15 minutes really. Then, of course, post production took a week or two as I prepared the piece for the creative writing/digital media request of AEIC 2012. This is the most complete and successful example of 3(squared).




I DO have to share though… I wrote another about tea pots… a tetsubin in love with a small cracked ceramic… but my favorite was written about food cans at a food bank. That poem rocks. I wrote it in class as an example while teaching the exercise… inspired by the inanimate objects (food bag) that I brought for inspiration… no one was inspired by my objects save me. Long after I’d written it I wanted to photograph and make a video.. but the bamboo can had long since disappeared to the food bank.. an instance of life imitating art no doubt.


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