Video Haiku



A Video Haiku

( A lesson plan I’ve done with students for three years now, always interesting and successful. I’ll troll and find some. This is the first I one I had time to make! )

The Japanese poem has become widespread and common in English. Traditionally we have stretched it to a syllabic poem of 5, 7, 5. It is my understanding the original, spoken in Japanese, would be just 3, 5, 3.

The only essential “ingredient” that I know of as far as theme in a haiku is that it evokes a season. So: Evoke season. Use 3, 5, 3 as a numerical guide.



Evoke season. Use 3, 5, 3 as a numerical guide.

The first “line” must be 3 shots followed by a fade or cut to black. The next line must be 5 shots followed by a fade or dip to black followed by another 3 shots. The end.

I’ll always remember one of the first I ever saw the freshman student held the camera on a red leaf in green grass for his last shot and it was a beautiful and simple image.

Time lapse is allowed.



We agreed there should be a kind of unity or symmetry of time so that one shot isn’t one minute long and the others only seconds. Rather than be too painfully specific (we make rules to break them) we generalized that if a first stanza is a minute, the others should follow at a minute. What do you think?



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